It’s Okay To Be Water-person

Hi dear, this is my random thought again (Hello my random thought!). I have no idea; suddenly this assessment appeared in my mind when I saw drinking water in my glass. LOL XD

There is a proverb said if you treat your life like flowing water, then you will be swept away and drowned. Yep! This proverb it was actually right. But FYI, become a ‘water’ man also had a good side. In this is my thought about water.

Water is the most flexible substance, calm, and reflection. It is the character of the water which we can copy. First flexible, water is the most flexible substance, can change its shape based on their place. Then we who are living in a plurality, we must open our minds to this beautiful diversity in the world and adapt wherever and anywhere we live, even in home, office, school or community. Be outgoing people!
Second is calm. We can fight and battle in this life. But do not to rush and ambitious. We must remain calm, set strategy, look around and correct the error. Do remain calm does not mean act slowly.

The third is a reflection. As social beings, we cannot live alone. We need people around us, to help us and cheer us up if we fall. So make us as self-reflection glass for them. Reflection here does not mean we change ourselves into them. But make ourselves in order to make the people around us can see who they really are, by give them criticism when they have mistakes and praised them when they did a good job. Grow with them in the name of kindness, with the people who love you.

Okay, that’s all my thought tonight (It’s already midnight in my place) and I already sleepy, to be honest. I opened for you who have a comment or another speculation about this topic, below. Let’s share guys! 🙂


– F.Moose


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